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Attorney at Law
Pharmacist Bachelors Degree

Mr. Joel B Connor is a licensed Attorney in the State of California, besides holding his Juris Doctorate; he also holds a degree in Pharmacy.  He worked for 25 years as a hospital, clinical, retail, sales and clinical research pharmacist before returning to Law School to pursue his law degree.  Because of his vast experience in medicine, he has worked in the following areas of law for 18 years representing clients in Living Trusts, Wills, Durable Power of Attorney for Asset Management, Advance Health Care Directive,  Probate Estates, Conservatorships, Pets Protections, and LGBTQ+ issues.

 The ability to help people and pets, particularly those in dire need of assistance, provides Mr. Connor with a feeling of accomplishing something that matters each and every day.  There are many friends and clients who are beginning to deal with medical issues and end of life issues that will affect their families, including their furry and feathered members.  He is able to counsel them with the tools, education and experience to ensure that their needs and wishes will be followed should they become incapacitated or after their death.

Joel Connor relaxing after Court as attorney
"I contacted Joel at CONNOR LAW, PC to update my Will.  I was impressed by the comfort I got from working with a great attorney."

Janet J.


"Mr. Connor listened to me when we met over a legal decision I needed to make.  He was able to provide me with information which made my decision much easier."

Brandon P.

"I have worked with Joel for 15 years as the Conservator to my son, who has debilitating mental illness.  Joel is the only attorney who has a medical background and has helped me so much to understand this disease while representing me in the Mental Health Courts."

Candice L.


The most valuable thing I gained from law school was an understanding and ability to see the nuances in the law.  I came to see that the end result was based on the course of the issues and the individualality of the wishes and needs of the clients.  It is more important to develop a reasonable rationale for an amicable resolution then to take immediate action.

This process was diametrically opposed to the medical world where the end result, i.e. deterioration, death or survival was the utmost concern and the need to move quickly to provide treatment is foremost in the mind of all parties concerned.  For example, we have all had bacterial infections at some time during our lives.  Upon presentation of the infection to a doctor, the doctor will look at the clinical signs and start some treatment.  Laboratory samples will be gathered and with the lab results, the doctor will change or continue the treatment accordingly.

This dichotomy is best dealt with when one has the experience and knowledge to weigh various aspects in a matter both legally and medically.  This law firm provies that prespective  so you have the tools to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that You and Your Loved Ones are Protected Through Life's Ups and Downs. 

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Intersection between Law and Medicine
Family Dinner

Traveling Through Life's Ups and Downs by You and Your Loved Ones Makes the Trip Better for All

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